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IFA IN ACTION is dedicated to promoting IFA's cultural heritage and investigating the Scientific evidences of it's metaphoric-mystic-religious language, filtering it through the lens of Science to find the truth existing in the dimensions of the Universe’s subatomic world revealed at the physio-molecular aspect of our terrestrial lives.


To disclose the true identity and purpose of IFA in a new science-based approach, as opposed to unfounded opinions that have identified it as a plethoric pagan religion of superstition and sorcery directed to do evil to humans; revealing information based on studies of the close relationship humans hold with IFA every moment of life and how we can benefit from its advice to maintain a balance in physical, mental, and emotional aspects, so as to achieve success in the social, familial, and economic spheres; reaffirming the credit given to IFA by the UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATION (UNESCO) in qualifying it as a MASTERPIECE OF THE ORAL AND INTANGIBLE and giving to it the title of HERITAGE OF HUMANITY after submitting details from investigations done through more than a decade. 

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-Support the survival and conservation of IFA as Heritage of Humanity.

-Expose the inherence of IFA in humans through the science of Biology and Quantum Physics, among others.

-Revealing IFA's diagnostics as accurate and reliable using the knowledge of Mathematics and computation.

-Establish a paradigmatic parallel between IFA and Holistic Vibrational Medicine for the benefit of humanity.

-Actively interact with the public to educate them on the true principles and purposes of IFA.